First post


I’m not sure that any of this will ever be worthy of a blog, but hopefully it’s of interest to some, and if nothing else it gives me a great way to keep track of what I get up to.

2012 saw my interest in bikes revitalised, what can I say, call me a product of the ‘Wiggins effect’. To set the scene I’ve never been particularly fit. I used to mountain bike a fair bit in my early twenties, and play around with trials bikes at the same time but there was never a conscious effort to eat well, lose weight or stay in shape.

In 2013 I bought my first road bike, a rather fetching if basic Giant Defy Composite. Over the course of the summer I rode a few sportives, rode overnight to Dunwich (which also happened to be my first century) and joined a club, VC Revolution, later in the year. The miles started to add up and thinking I was fit enough I gave club riding a try. Wow, that was a shock!

Last winter was spent mostly on the rollers shedding the lbs in preparation for a bigger year in 2014. A few reliability trials early in 2014 were a start to the season (and another eye opener). Despite the horrible weather i’m really looking forward to these kicking off next year.

2014 would be different I decided, onwards and upwards!

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