Adding lightness

Krypton Exige

It’s easy to focus on power but I’ve been learning of late that there is far more to cycling than how many watts your legs can put out. Weight is the other obvious area for improvement but I’ve picked out a few others areas to work on in the early part of the year.

Weight wise I’ve managed to shed the aftermath of the obligatory Christmas binge and get back to a respectable 75 kgs. I reckon another two kgs can be lost before the season kicks off properly. ‘Add lightness’ as Colin Chapman once said. Saying that I’ll never be the cycling equivalent of a Lotus 7. A Lotus Exige perhaps….

My flexibility is pretty rubbish so I’ll keep working on stretching exercises and strengthening my core muscle groups to achieve that ever lower body position. I’m still a little too ‘more tea vicar’ for my liking.

Pedalling efficiency was something that Russell at Marginal Gains picked up on during my ramp test. Whilst I’m fairly smooth there are still improvements to be made in using the full pedal stroke. I’ve been doing a lot of sessions on the rollers which have improved this no end. Improving core strength should also help with stability whilst at higher cadences.

Last but by no means least, skills! I found last year that my bunch riding skills were woeful. My cornering was shoddy, I lacked confidence in the bunch and generally wasted energy by braking too much. This one should be the most fun to improve as it will only improve by entering races.

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